The world’s deepest and most amazing swimming pool is now open

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It reaches depths of 196 feet and is modeled after a sunken underwater city and Deep Dive Dubai is now open to the public. Dubai now is home to the world’s tallest building, the world’s largest mall and now, the world’s deepest swimming pool.

Besides exploring the massive underwater city, here are some other things you can do at Deep Dive Dubai.

Play underwater arcade games and foosball.

The underwater arcade includes a foosball table and a Pac Man arcade cabinet.

Play an underwater chess match.

Want to slow down your dive? Settle down and play a game of chess.

A round of billiards with your firends.

Deep Water Dubai comes complete with an underwater pool hall.

Hidden beneath the surface is a fascinating sunken city to explore – a new adventure on every new dive – as you find fun activities, exciting props and different hidden little nooks each time. It is indeed another world!
There is another world to discover beneath the surface. Explore a little of Deep Dive Dubai’s magnificent sunken city on each dive.
As a Guinness World Records holder for the Deepest Swimming Pool for Diving, do you know how deep 60m really is? It’s more than 37 times the height of an average person!

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