Kamala Harris: Rural America can’t make photocopies for voter ID registration

Vice President Kamala continued the left’s claim that people are too poor, dumb, or incapable of having id cards for voting in many parts of America. In the past, the left has claimed African American’s don’t have internet access. Now, Harris is saying that rural Americans are either too poor or too stupid to make copies of their ID cards.

“Because in some people’s mind, that means well, you’re going to have to Xerox or photocopy your ID to send it in to prove you are who you are. Well, there are a whole lot of people, especially people who live in rural communities, who don’t… there’s no Kinkos, there’s no OfficeMax near them,” she said. “People have to understand when we’re talking about voter ID laws, be clear about who you have in mind and what would be required of them to prove who they are. Of course people have to prove who they are, but not in a way that makes it almost impossible for them to prove who they are.”

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That’s right. If you live in anyplace that’s not a crime-infested Democrat-controlled urban city like San Francisco or New York, you’re an idiot, the Vice President said.

“Hi, I live on top of a mountain on the WV/VA border and I can photocopy my ID. I mean I do it while moonshining White Lightning while dueling banjos play in the background but I can still do it,” Virginia rec league hockey player Chris Barron said.