Cuba initiates internet shutdowns as it ratchets up its anti-protest crackdown

Stock Photo - Cuba by Alexander Kunze - Unsplash

When you do something communists and socialists don’t like, since they realize they don’t have the true will of the people, they resort to more aggressive actions to quell dissent. Lockdowns, censorship, and in Cuba, shutting off the internet. Cuba has gone dark. Now, Cubans living in Ameerica are reporting their relatives have had their internet services turned off.

The country has blocked access to several apps and websites on the internet after it realized protesters were using sites like Facebook and Twitter to organize anti-government rallies.

A similar situation happened in America during the January 6th protest at the U.S. Capitol building when social media companies Facebook and Twitter began banning users who were using the platforms to share information about the protests and photos and videos. The U.S. social media networks then went on a months-long banning cycle to ban anyone who spoke in support of the January 6th uprising.

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Now, the platforms are being used to provide information for similar protests and riots in Cuba.

In Cuba, the government began blocking social media apps and sites, including Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Telegram. Twitter has not been banned yet. The Cuban government and propaganda machine often uses Twitter to get its own message out to the masses.

Now, Cuba is accusing the U.S. of spreading misinformation about the protest.

“The use of misinformation with powerful and sophisticated means of communication is a common tool of US politics, capable of misguiding.” the Cuban Embassy posted on Twitter.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio has remained critical of the Cuban response to the uprising.

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