Here are some awesome plays by Major League Baseball ballgirls


They say Major League Baseball is a man’s game, but that’s changing. Not only are women taking key jobs within the league as coaches, scouts, and broadcasters, but some of the best plays in Major League Baseball go relatively unnoticed. Those are the amazing catches of ballgirls throughout the league. Check out this amazing compilation of ballgirls making amazing plays that even wow the guys playing on the field.

The job is sometimes vilified as ‘sexist’, but it’s a great job for a girl who loves baseball and can catch a ball. They typically earn $10-15 per game and make about $25,000 per year, working 8-9 hour days when their teams are home.

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Sometimes, the girls even become local stars, such as the Philadelphia Phillies ballgirls who even have their own Instagram page. In the photo above, you can see this ballgirl save the life of a man scared as a foul ball headed in his direction.