What’s with all the yellow lines on Erie County Roads?


SANDUSKY, OH – If you’re driving along some roads maintained by Erie County, you might think somebody has gone overboard with the yellow line striping. It’s actually intentional and not intended to make your eyes go batty while you’re driving.

“The Erie County Engineer’s Office will be micro surfacing Bogart Road, Botay Road, Campbell Street, and Taylor Road.

In preparation for this project, the contractor is removing the existing pavement markings including the edge line and the centerline due to years of paint buildup.

“In order to still maintain a centerline, the contractor has installed a temporary centerline offset from the old centerline. This will only be temporary until the microsurface project is complete,” the county said.

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If you have questions regarding this project please contact the Erie County Engineer’s Office at (419) 627-7714.