Nigerian raises $96,000 after Karen incident at New Jersey mall


SHORT HILLS, NJ – A Nigerian woman from Newark has raised $96,000 after being the target of a Karen incident at Victoria’s Secret in the Short Hills Mall. Ijeoma Ukenta, 38, recorded an outburst after she claims the woman chased her around the store then she began recording.

“She chased me around the store and tried to attack me twice,” she said.

Ukenta says mall officials did not respond to her request for help.

“We certainly take this matter very seriously. We never want a single customer to feel uncomfortable or unwelcome at The Mall at Short Hills. We sincerely apologize to Ms. Ukenta for her experience, mall officials later said in a statement.

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“I am a Black Muslimah Nigerian AM and I was treated like it was 1920 in Short Hills Mall. I was assaulted and harassed by a white woman and and nothing was done by security nor the police. I’m looking to hire me an excellent attorney who can help me bring light to this wrong,” she said. “All videos and updates on the situation are on my YouTube channel: Mama Africa Muslimah. I was kicked off a tiktok for posting what happened to me and they let someone else post and get millions and millions of views however they deleted 2 of my accounts of my accounts. One that I have for my Garden which was my original account and another 1 that I created after they deleted my main account. I have been wronged Abigail Elphick (Karen in my videos,) Short Hills Mall security, Millburn Police Department, and most of all humanity. Please help me!”

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As of midnight on Wednesday, she raised $96,738 in donations from 4,600 donors on GoFundMe. Short Hills police are investigating the incident.