Daily News under fire after calling New York City “Chocolate City”, “Black Power”

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NEW YORK, NY – With the rise of successful African American candidates in New York City, one of the city’s largest newspapers has offended many of its residents. This week, the New York Daily News referred to New York City as “Chocolate City”, saying the city is on the verge of being the hub of “Black Power”.

“It’s not quite Chocolate City, but recent election wins by African-American politicians has the Big Apple on the verge of being the hub of Black Power,” Daily News reporter Leonard Greene wrote.

The newspaper faced harsh criticism over their word choice on Twitter.

“Chocolate City? Wow I’d expect this from the Post. This headline is wildly offensive,” one African American reader replied.

“Wow. Did you hire someone from the Newsmax? Speechless,” said another.

“Really? A major American newspaper with this headline. This isn’t the 1960s show more respect to African Americans,” replied African American Orville Lloyd Douglas.

Yet another, Denise Green replied, “Chocolate City? Inappropriate words to use for established Leaders who have worked hard for NYC. Very disrespectful.”

Some suggested Greene, the author had a few too many drinks before crafting the headline and the opening paragraph.

Another suggested Greene is trying to create a controversy where this isn’t one, saying, “I don’t think these gentlemen care about your black power they just want what’s best for the community as a whole.”