So, we tried the Todd Father at Burger 25 and here are our thoughts

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TOMS RIVER, NJ – Since they relocated to the old Wolfie’s spot on Route 37, we’ve been trying to get into Burger 25, but it’s always packed. This weekend we got lucky and happened to pass during downtime and thought what better time to try the new “Toddfather”.

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Inspired by U.S. Olympic baseball team member and Toms River resident Todd Frazier, it features Burger 25’s signature beef patty, french fries, pork roll, fried egg, and cheese on a potato roll. It was a bit much with an order of fries for a late-night dinner, but it was delicious and a classic Jersey junk burger with all of our signature add-ons that are Jersey proud.

Did we say it has “pork roll” and not Taylor Ham? You can fact-check that until you turn blue because Taylor Ham is a brand of pork roll. That was for all of you who think pork roll is Taylor Ham.

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As for the Toddfather, it’s not only a great gimmick but a great sandwich that is worth trying at least once.

We’ll leave this with one message for Frazier. When you go to Japan, please don’t eat this before the gold medal game. It’s not a good idea!

Here are some things we learned.

The fries at Burger 25 are great reproductions of classic boardwalk ‘cup fries’. The portions here are huge and the fried pickle chips are a 9.5.

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Little known fact.

Todd Frazier was our first cover story in our former Toms River Magazine. We hooked up with Todd shortly after he was down and out after being sent back to the minors after just one at-bat in the big leagues. We knew he’d be back and we put him on the cover of our first-ever Toms River magazine.

Since then, he took control and turned things around and had a great Major League career that is currently on hold.

We have been following Todd here since his Little League days and we look forward to following the next chapter in his career, cashing in that 1998 Little League World Series and upgrading it for an Olympic Gold medal for Team USA in baseball.