Vaccine Conspiracy Theorist Bill Gates once said the FDA, CDC can’t be trusted with COVID-19 vaccine

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As the White House and the left begin a push to go after COVID-19 vaccine “misinformation” they should also be looking at themselves. Back in 2020, it was Democrats and the liberal left in America who were pushing the most dangerous COVID-19 anti-vaccination conspiracies.

One of the people in the forefront was former Microsoft CEO, billionaire Bill Gates. Gates said he doesn’t trust the FDA when it comes to developing and approving a safe COVID-19 vaccine in a short period of time under former President Donald J. Trump’s Operation Warp Speed.

He also said he doesn’t trust the Centers for Disease Control either.

“We saw with the completely bungled plasma statements that when you start pressuring people to say optimistic things, they go completely off the rails. The FDA lost a lot of credibility there. Historically, just like the CDC was viewed as the best in the world, the FDA had that same reputation as a top-notch regulator,” Gates said. “But there’s been some cracks with some of the things they’ve said at the commissioner level.”

Gates instead insisted that the COVID-19 vaccination effort should be driven by private companies, not the federal government under Trump.

“These companies are very professional and the benefits of the vaccine here are very dramatic,” Gates said. “Thank goodness that we have this private-sector expertise that we want to shape into a global public good that gets to everybody on the planet.”