Governor Murphy says New Jersey is working with social media giants to censor “misinformation”

Governor Phil Murphy fits with President Joe Biden. file photo

TRENTON, NJ – If you disagree with the position of the Democrat Party, including the Biden Administration on COVID-19, the government wants to silence you. Not only does the Biden administration want your posts and tweets deleted, but they also want you banned from future posting…everywhere…on every social media platform.

The government wants to de-platform anyone who disagrees with it when it comes to COVID-19 and now, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy says he’s on board with that.

This week, the White House announced its plan to lobby Facebook and Twitter to work together to ban COVID-19 dissidents including politicians, bloggers, and even everyday citizens who oppose the government-backed COVID-19 science stances that are seemingly ever-evolving.

Earlier this year, the social media giants took action against media companies and individuals who theorized that the COVID-19 virus was created in a lab. Now, evidence is mounting that might just prove that once objected conspiracy theory as a very strong possibility.

There were no apologies. There were no account reinstatement and users ‘page qualities’ were not readjusted.

Both Jenn Psaki and Joe Biden admitted that the federal government is monitoring social media accounts then referring those accounts for punishment by private entities, Twitter and Facebook. This week, New Jersey Democrat Governor Phil Murphy endorsed the federal government’s actions in the name of public health safety.

When asked if he supported the Biden policy and if his own administration had a relationship with the social media companies, Murphy acknowledged.

“We’re in touch with these social media companies all the time,” Murphy said. “I would broaden what President Biden said to anyone who’s commenting on this, including talking heads on television. If they are speaking – if they’re either allowing information that is absolutely false and at odds with the facts or they are speaking about things that are at odds with the facts, they’re putting people’s lives at risk.”

Murphy said the response by his administration and the White House is justified because of the severe risk the COVID-19 virus poses.

“There’s just no other way to put that. With all due respect,” Murphy said. “This is not overblown. Look at India. Look at Indonesia. Look at the rates in our state of the rate of transmission and the very question you asked. There is no question if you are unvaccinated, you are – and especially if you’ve got comorbidities, you are very exposed to a highly transmittable and more lethal form of COVID, period. There’s no overblowing with that at all.”

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