Phil Murphy hints at support for possible government forced COVID-19 vaccinations


After Twitter banned New Jersey Republican Senator Declan O’Scanlon over comments made stating the government should not be forcing its citizens to get COVID-19 vaccinations, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy not only said he supported government intrusion on social media, he also didn’t object to a government mandate on vaccinations.

“I saw the Twitter action. I don’t have any insight into it. I hope that they are consistent across – that their rules and the way they apply these rules are consistent across anybody,” Murphy said of the censoring of a New Jersey lawmaker. “In other words, they call balls and strikes equally. I don’t believe it was part of Declan’s tweet, so this is not related to his tweet.”

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Murphy then changed gears on the topic, eluding that he would support a government COVID-19 vaccination mandate.

“I did note that he said to a reporter, about what had happened. He said listen, if somebody doesn’t want to give vaccinated, it shouldn’t be the – something like it shouldn’t be the government’s job to mandate it,” Murphy added. “After all, they’re doing no harm. That last part I would just say with respect is not true. You can – by not being vaccinated, you are choosing to put not just your own health at risk but you are potentially putting others’ health at risk. I would beg folks to please get vaccinated. Beyond that, I don’t have any specifics.”

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