Do you recognize this pool? Jackson police department issues APB on illegal pool rentals

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JACKSON TOWNSHIP, NJ – The Township of Jackson in New Jersey put out a community call to help them locate and identify private swimming pools being rented to the public. Police say the request to crack down on illegal swimming pool rentals came from the township’s code enforcement department.

The action comes days after the township requested the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office civil religious bias lawsuit. Most of the pools identified have been tracked back to Orthodox Jewish homeowners.

“Code Enforcement has advised that they have been contacted by multiple residents and each location has been identified, The Police Department said after an APB was published to township social media pages.

“Jackson Code Enforcement has been receiving numerous complaints from residents in reference to pools in the township illegally being rented out for use in violation of township ordinance and has requested the agency’s assistance in addressing this matter with our residents,” the department said. “They have located and responded to several locations to address the matter but still have several images that were included with online pool rental listings that they cannot identify or locate.”

The township is requesting that anyone who may recognize these yards contact them.

“As per Jackson Township ordinances 350-6 and 350-7, the rental of or advertisement of any pool rental is prohibited and Code Enforcement will enforce the chapter,” the department said.

Anyone familiar with any of the images posted, which were taken from the online advertisements forwarded to Code Enforcement, is asked to contact Code Enforcement Officer William Campbell at 732-928-1200 ext. 1292 or at

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