Parents say their kids were sucker-punched on Wildwood Boardwalk and cops won’t do their job

WILDWOOD, NEW JERSEY - September 16, 2020: A Rooftop View of the Wildwood Boardwalk

WILDWOOD, NJ – New Jersey lawmakers and local mayors are complaining about out-of-control teenagers and in Wildwood, one family saw firsthand the result of a ‘no fear’ attitude some unruly teens at the Jersey Shore now have.

While police are handcuffed from enforcing the law against teenagers due to Governor Phil Murphy’s juvenile justice reform, that didn’t stop one bystander from delivering immediate street justice.

“A mom says her 17-year-old son was chosen by a group of boys at random July 4 weekend accused of seeing a girl he’s never met that’s when someone slugged him in the face,” Fox 29 reports.

Last week, the town of Avalon announced it will cut down the boardwalk and beach hours due to unruly and out-of-control behavior by juveniles. The township of Toms River now has a curfew for teens in the Ortley Beach community.

Police arrived in time, but failed to make an arrest. Police said there were 8 juvenile incidents and only 3 were charged.

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