Unhinged: The left is trying to destroy young singer who shook hands with Trump


Addison Rae, a 20-year-old entertainer born in Louisiana is now under fire from the American left which is working overtime to make her the next victim of liberal cancel culture.

Her crimes? When she was 16, somebody posted a tweet, “Share if you’re voting for Hillary, Like if you’re voting for Trump.”

She committed the atrocity against humanity and “Liked” the post. If that wasn’t enough, the TikTok starlet had the nerve to introduce herself to the President of the United States when she had an opportunity. Shockingly, Rae shook the President’s hand.

Now, the left wants her dead. They want her career over and they want to finish the young woman. Last week at UFC 264, Rae triggered liberals with her trump encounter.

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