Gunman stoned to death by mob in Texas after killing one, shooting three others

FORT WORTH, TX – A gunman who shot into a crowd of people in Fort Worth’s Como neighborhood early Monday morning was stoned to death by an angry mob that witnessed the shooting.

Police here say that at 1:00 am on Monday, the suspect began shooting into a small backyard gathering after being involved in an argument at the location earlier that night.

He returned later with another individual and got into another argument. He pulled a gun and shot one person. People at the party then started chasing him and he fired into the crowd following him, shooting three more, killing one victim.

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When they caught up to him, the mob started picking up stone pavers and bricks and began beating him until he died.

“Some of the people picked up what we call stone pavers. What you line your driveway with points on them. That was something they initially could get,” a spokesperson for the Fort Worth Police Department said. “I don’t want to say maybe used as a defense, but that’s what they were able to throw at the gunman.”