Surging crime isn’t the only problem in D.C., watch as woman blocks D.C. fire engine


WASHINGTON, DC – Crime is soaring in D.C. as gun violence and inner-city violence continues to rise. It’s not the only problem facing D.C. Here you can see a woman driving a red BMW with total disregard for the D.C. Fire Department blocking a road. The firefighters on board made sure to let her know they were unhappy with her as she got into her vehicle, sounding the horn a few times before she sped away, not caring in the slightest.

“You can imagine how we constantly get blocked from even leaving our station. Even when not blocked in, most people truly don’t give a fuck about a fire truck. The vast majority of people don’t pull over, don’t stop. I can blast my horn all I want and they just keep going,” one firefighter, not from D.C. said.

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Firefighters from around the country shared their tales.

“I was a volunteer fireman for quite some time. We had a structure fire (a fire that has now moved to the structure of a building and no longer simply the enclosed contents). It was going quite rapidly by the time we got there. Of course some dumb ass had parked right in front of the fire hydrant,” another said. “We took the easy way out. We broke both side and passenger windows and put the 5 inch feed line right through the car.”

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