Husky who was abandoned on highway and chased owner as he fled finds love again


A heartbreaking story of a man who dumps his Husky on the side of the highway has a happy ending. It was a disgusting act by a man along a Texas highway, as the poor dog chased him until he couldn’t run anymore.

The incident happened near El Paso, Texas and it was captured on camera. The owner of a light-colored Jeep stopped along the highway to abandon a beautiful husky.

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68-year-old Luis Antonio Campos was arrested for abandoning the dog.

The El Paso Sheriff’s Office eventually arrested 68-year-old Luis Antonio Campos for animal cruelty.

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At this point the dog didn’t realize what was happening and thought he was just going for an off-leash walk with his owner.

“I’m posting this again because it’s too severe of an issue not to. Not only is it a severe issue in El Paso….but it has become the norm. This heartbreaking scene is what happens day in and day out here. All those dogs y’all see me move out of state is for this exact reason, because heartless people don’t think or care,” said the original poster of the video. “They didn’t measure the responsibility that being a pet owner requires and instead of, again taking responsibility, and reaching out for help from a rescue they opt to dump their poor dog. I am disgusted, I am furious, and I am heartbroken. El Paso needs to DO BETTER.”

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Once the owner fled the scene, the dog realized he was being abandoned and chased the car.

The 10-month-old dog was transported to Huckleberry Hound Dog Rescue where it was adopted by a loving new family.

The Husky was quickly adopted by the local family who gave him an extremely fitting name.

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A few days later, the dog was adopted by a family and they named him Nanook, which means polar bear. In the Inuit religion, Nanook was the master of bears, meaning he decided if hunters deserved success in finding and hunting bears and punished violations of taboos. … Bears would stay away from hunters who failed to pay respect.

Eventually, Nanook found a new home.

Watch the video below.