Biden says he used to drive an 18-wheeler, White House says “We got nothing”


LOWER MACUNGIE, PA – In this week’s episode of President Joe Biden’s Tall Tales, the President tells truck makers that he used to drive an 18 wheeler. It’s the first time in 48 years of public service that Biden has revealed he was once a truck driver. Biden was visiting Mack Trucks in Lower Mac, Pennsylvania when he made his latest extremely bizarre statement.

Here are some other Bizarre Biden moments:

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The White House was unable to immediately corroborate Biden’s tales from behind the wheel. Biden did not say what his CB handle was or whether or not he was part of an 18-wheeler convoy that took place in 1978 that went from the West Coast to the Jersey Shore.

“There is zero evidence that Biden ‘used to drive an 18 wheeler,’” Zach Parkinson of the RNC. “The extent of Biden’s trucking experience is that he rode in a truck once, for one night in 1973 (he made sure to return home by plane though).”

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