Abandoned dog joins man on race and he goes through many obstacles to bring her home

A man running in a race in Beijing spotted an abandoned little dog chasing him. The little dog started following him everywhere he went. She could have run away at any point but she chose to stay with him through the whole race. When he stopped to rest, the dog would stop with him and he would feed her and give her water.

When the race was over the man called his wife and she agreed to adopt her. There was a time period that the dog needed to be quarantined before she could travel to Scotland, and someone offered to take care of her during that period.

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Unfortunately, he received a call that the dog went missing. He immediately traveled to Beijing to look for her. There were many dogs who looked like her but they were unable to find her. After 10 long days, she was found. For the rest of her quarantine period, he decided to stay with his new pup in Beijing.

Watch this sweet story below of a man and his dog.