Ted Cruz slams Fauci, CDC for allowing teachers union to influence medical science


Texas Senator Ted Cruz this week told the public “Vaccines work”, but asked why Dr. Anthony Facui and the Biden CDC continue to inject politics into medical science that is then issued into directives for the American people.

“I had been vaccinated a couple of months before then and after allowing the time for the vaccine to become effective, I decided I was going to stop wearing a mask,” Cruz said. “Why is that? Because vaccines work. Because I stopped wearing a mask.”

Cruz said other fully vaccinated members of Congress also stopped wearing masks after the Centers for Disease Control issued guidance that said if you were fully vaccinated, you no longer need to wear a face mask indoors.

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Eventually, others followed, Cruz said, including Democrats and Republicans.

Now, Cruz said the CDC and Fauci are reversing the previous decision that masks are now needed indoors, even if you’re vaccinated.

“The CDC has allowed itself to be politicized as an arm of the DNC,” he said. “We saw emails from Fauci saying masks don’t work…but I lied to the American people because first responders needed them.”

Cruz criticized the CDC for requiring all Americans to wear masks in school in September, regardless of vaccination status.

“The odds of children getting extremely sick is extremely low,” Cruz. “Children have been an extremely low vector for spreading this disease…it’s because the teachers union bosses said ‘we want to this rule in place'”.

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