After telling Congress to mask up or go to jail, Pelosi can’t keep her own mask on


For the second time this week, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has violated her own rules in the halls of Congress. Earlier this week Pelosi ordered that anyone on the house side of the U.S. Capitol building must wear face masks. Anyone who does not comply will be forced to leave the “People’s House”. Anyone who refuses to leave will be arrested by U.S. Capitol Police.

Earlier this week, Pelosi unmasked, in violation of her own directive to take a picture with a family. Later the Speaker of the House was caught wearing her face mask as a chin diaper in a crowded rotunda gaggle.

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Pelosi was the only person in the rotunda not wearing a mask.

It has become evident this week that Pelosi’s directive includes only subordinates and employees working in Congress and that the Speaker has exempted herself from the order. In a similar scenario, Pelosi was caught at the height of the pandemic getting her hair done at a salon in San Francisco when the average citizen was banned from such practice.

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