My Butt’s Been Wiped! Did Joe Biden really say this to reporters?

WASHINGTON, DC – Conservatives and Republicans on Twitter are sharing a clip that has gone viral of President Joe Biden claiming he said, “My butt’s been wiped.”

That’s hardly a thing you would expect a President to say to reporters, even for Joe Biden, so let’s try to figure out exactly what the President said.

The GOP War Room, an arm of the Republican Party insists Biden alerted reporters that his butt had been wiped, but even fact-checker Snopes was unable to definitively say the President did not say it. Of course, why would a President just randomly shout, “My Butt’s been wiped”?

“The president appeared to be making a joke about how difficult it was to talk by the nearby helicopter,” Snopes reported.

The liberal fact-checking agency was unable to interpret what the President said, saying, “While it seems highly improbable that he said “My butt’s been wiped,” we can’t say for sure what he said in this clip, so we are marking this claim as unproven.”

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Many feel the words the President used were “What’s been what?” after being asked a question by reporters with the hum of aircraft engines behind him.

For now, the verdict is out. While we would hope that the President of the United States did not say “My butt’s been wiped”, as of now, nobody really knows what he said.

The clip has turned into the Yanney and Laurel of the internet as people try to figure out what they heard. See it for yourself.