Mass Shooting in NYC: 10 people shot as gunmen open fire on busy street


QUEENS, NY – It is being reported as a mass shooting that occurred Saturday night at 10:39 pm near the intersection of 37th Avenue and 98th street in Queens. Ten people were hit, most of them innocent bystanders in a coordinated gang-related attack. Two men opened fire and escaped by moped by two getaway drivers.

“There’s just one common theme, I want to get out there, that’s a recurring theme that keeps happening, and it has to stop throughout the city. That’s gang members. That’s guns, multiple guns on the scene, scooters being used, masks. And lastly, unintended targets getting hit. This is unacceptable on our streets in New York City, and it has to stop,” said Chief of Detectives James Essig, NYPD.

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Police say just thee of the victims were intended targets.

Now, Mayor Bill De Blasio who lead New York City’s defund the police effort is clamoring for a crackdown against the rising rate of gang violence that has grown in the city over the past year.

“We know so much of the problem is gangs…We are going to need more gang take downs, more gun arrest, more cooperation with community, gangs are the problem and this is where the focus is going to be,” De Blasio said.

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