These adorable puppies were rescued from a deplorable, sweltering New Jersey home


ASBURY PARK, NJ – The Monmouth County SPCA has rescued 10 puppies from a sweltering house in Asbury Park. The agency said when they arrived to rescue the dogs, they were forced to eating a mattress and other debris.

“Our Monmouth County SPCA Humane Law Enforcement Division just returned from a sweltering house in Asbury Park, housing a mom and her 10 puppies in a tiny room,” the Monmouth County SPCA said. “Another Law Enforcement Agency was looking for a person in the same vicinity and heard the cries of the newborn pups and called us right away.”

The puppies were found with their mom, hungry, dehydrated and living in their own urine and feces.

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“Failure to provide adequate food and water in a space upwards of 90º, forced the young mom and her puppies to start eating pieces of a mattress and other debris in the urine and feces-covered room,” the SPCA said. “Many of the puppies were severely dehydrated and needed immediate medical intervention by our veterinary staff.”

A foster family is being sought and the dogs are not yet available for adoption.

“We’ve already identified intestinal parasites and will continue to monitor mom and her litter until they’re in the clear and we can find a foster home – if you’re able to foster please email,” the agency said. “We’re now seeking donations to help support the future of this family, as well as the hundreds of other animals we’ll see this summer!”

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If anyone has any information on the owner of these dogs the area of Dewitt and Springwood Ave, please call our Humane Law Enforcement Department at 732-440-1539, as we intend to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.