New York Teacher’s Union issues statement on mandatory vaccines, here it is


NEW YORK, NY – Earlier this summer the NEA heard a measure to force mandatory vaccinations for K-12 public schools nationwide. This included teachers, staff, and students. That measure was voted down by the NEA and now the political decision of whether to force teachers, students and faculty to get COVID-19 vaccinations in public schools has become a state and local decision.

The New York State Teacher’s Union today issued a statement regarding their stance on the matter.

“We have advocated since the beginning of the year that any educator who wants a vaccine should have easy access to one. We would support local efforts to encourage more vaccinations, such as through programs that require that those who are not vaccinated get tested on a regular basis. But it’s critical that districts come up with plans to make testing available on-site and at no cost. What we have not supported is a vaccine mandate,” the union said.

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