Ciattarelli says if elected Governor he would stop unemployment benefits and force people back to work


Jack Ciattarelli, the Republican Party’s nominee for Governor of New Jersey said if elected, he would end unemployment benefits for millions of New Jerseyans and force them back into the workforce.

Ciattarelli said he would turn off unemployment benefits in order to incentivize people to get back to work.

“Phil Murphy won’t turn off the spigot,” Ciattarelli said of the extended unemployment benefits approved by the Murphy administration. “As governor, I would help our small business economy and incentivize people to get back to work by turning off the unemployment spigot.”

Ciattarelli and small businesses across New Jersey blame the extended unemployment benefits as a driving factor in a workforce shortage across the state. There is currently no requirement for New Jerseyans collecting unemployment to show proof that they are actively seeking employment in order to receive those benefits.