They tried to carjack him but was instead body-slammed and squealed for mercy

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As crime is on the rise across America, sometimes, the good guys win. This spring, a video went viral that captured a would-be carjacker attempting to steal a man’s car at gunpoint. Carjackings in America are on the rise and most of the time it has been teenagers committing the crime, especially in the big cities.

This home surveillance video shows two wanna-be carjackers approach a man getting out of his car, one with a gun pointed at him. It wasn’t looking good. It appears that the man could soon be carjacked or even worse, shot. That is until he decided to defend himself and grabbed his attacker and body-slammed him to the ground.

The wanna-be gangster is then heard squealing like a pig on the ground before yelling, “ok, ok!”

His accomplice begs for mercy, “Hey, let him go!”

After letting the failed carjackers go free, he tells them, “Get the f-ck outta here!” and the two teens fled home with a valuable lesson learned. Sometimes, victims aren’t always as defenseless as you might think.

Chalk one up for the good guys.