Dog patiently sits outside waiting for his best friend who is never coming home


A beautiful dog became best friends with his elderly neighbor. She invited him into her house every day and he would sit on her couch and cuddle with her. She always gave him pieces of bread as a treat. Every day for many years he stopped by to see her.

After many years the pool old lady suffered a stroke. She slowly was improving, but her children knew it was time for her to received the extra care that an assisted living facility could only give her. The elderly lady wasn’t going to ever come home again.

Day after day the sad dog patiently looked in the window and waited at her door,

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Eventually, the owners felt so terribly for the dog and his unbreakable bond, that they brought her to the assisted living center to visit with the lady. They both embraced and the dog and his friend were back together again.

Watch this sweet story about the unbreakable bond a dog has with his friend below.