Lawsuit alleges SNL staff engaged in culture of taking advantage of young girls as former castmember sued for sexual assault


A lawsuit has been filed in New York’s Supreme Court against former SNL castmember Horatio Sanz, NBC Universal Media and SNL Studios claiming the actor sexually assaulted a minor on several occasions and even offered her drinks at an SNL party.

In 1999, the woman who was just 14-years-old at the time claimed she was a huge fan of SNL and ran an SNL fan page. She had a lot of fans including SNL staff members themselves according to the lawsuit. When she turned 15, she was invited to a meeting with Sanz where she claimed he was flirtatious and physically affectionate with her.

“On or about October 7-8, 2000, Plaintiff (15) and Defendant SANZ met in person at NBC after an airing/taping of Saturday Night Live, during which SANZ (31) was flirtatious and physically affectionate with the then 15-year old Plaintiff by kissing her cheek and putting his hands on her waist,” the lawsuit reads. “In the fall of 2000, Plaintiff (15) and Defendant SANZ met in person again at NBC after an airing/taping of Saturday Night Live, where SANZ was again was flirtatious and physically affectionate.”

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The case alleges that on or around May 12, 2001, the girl, then 16, was permitted entry to attend a Saturday Night Live after-party. Sanz, along with other SNL cast members, saw her at this party drinking alcohol, at a time when they knew or should have known that she was under the legal drinking age. Sanz joked “Is that…the fan? It’s the fan! A fan drinking at the party!” and further was aware or should have been aware that she was underage.

The teen was served drinks and even spent time drinking with Sanz. The next week, she was invited to another SNL after-party.

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According to the lawsuit, on this date, while in the SNL offices, Sanz was sitting on a couch telling stories to a group of approximately 6-10 people, including NBC employees, when he signaled her over and guided her to sit on his lap with her legs positioned between his legs and his arm around her hips, waist and buttocks where he continued to tell stories.

Afterwards, Sanz invited the underage girl and others, including at least three NBC employees, onto the NBC’s rooftop to watch the sunrise. There, Sanz hovered near her and leered at her as the sun rose over New York.

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Sanz later reached out to her through another teenage friend to beg her not to tell anyone what happened during the after-party, the victim alleges.

Afterward, Sanz began leaking information about the show to the girl and repeatedly asked for photos of her, discussed sexual encounters and Sanz even instructed her to perform sexual acts, according to the lawsuit. The suit also claims Sanz routinely invited the girl to after-parties in which Jimmy Falon was in attendance.

You can read the full court complaint here.