Pennsylvania Senator Candidate: America’s Generals more concerned about fighting Tucker Carlson than the Taliban


As America’s military generals take to Twitter to defend critical race theory and engage Fox News host Tucker Carlson, a Pennsylvania candidate for senator says winning the social media war is more important now than defeating the Taliban.

The shift in the Biden administration is appalling as generals are now revered for their social justice warfare abilities more than their combat leadership, strategy and prowess.

“For the last seven months, I’ve watched Generals engage in Twitter fights with people, debate the merits of Critical Race Theory on Capital Hill. It seemed like our generals were more concerned with fighting Tucker Carlson than they were the Taliban,” said Sean Parnell who is running for U.S. Senate in Pennsyvlania.

This Afghan debacle is on the suits. Not the boots.

Pennsylvania candidate for U.S. Senate Sean PARNELL

Parnell is an army combat veteran who authored several books.

Today, Parnell issued a statement to veterans who served in Afghanistan, “You did your job. You did it well. You did great things for the Afghans. You defeated the enemies of America at every turn. You gave the Afghans a shot at freedom. Be proud of your service because America is proud of you. This Afghan debacle is on the suits. Not the boots.”