Hundreds of people hang on to U.S. transport plane as it tries to leave Kabul Airport


Disturbing video is emerging from Kabul Airport this morning as hundreds of Afghans desperate to flee the approaching Taliban militants cling for life to the landing gear and other parts of a U.S. cargo transport.

Just days ago, President Joe Biden said you won’t see helicopters landing on the roof of the U.S. Embassy to evacuate. Instead those helicopters landed inside the compound as embassy workers burned and destroyed all intelligence.

Overnight, a U.S. plane evacuating the country was mobbed by hundreds of Afghanis desperate to flee the Taliban along with the Americans.

People are seen falling from the U.S. aircraft shortly after takeoff.

Later, two people clinging on to the U.S. plane died after falling once the plane was airborne.

Afghanis stormed other planes leaving the country in a desperate attempt to flee the Taliban.