National Weather Service says Tornado probably did not hit Silverton during late July Storm


TOMS RIVER, NJ – The National Weather Service has confirmed that a tornado did not strike the Silverton section of Toms River during a major passing storm on July 29th.

According to the NWS, instead, a damaging wind event occurred in the Silverton section of Toms River. The area was surveyed by a National Weather Service storm survey team.

“Multiple areas of minor tree and siding Damage were observed roughly along a path from near Alissa Drive to Arkansas Ave.,” the NWS said. “The most significant damage occurred in the area of Silverton Park near the Silverton EMS building.”

One large tree was snapped on the north side of Silverton Park near Maine Street, and a couple of other trees nearby lost limbs. A small section of siding Was also removed from the EMS building just across the street.

“Sporadic, minor tree damage continued along a path east-northeastward from there before ending in the area of Green Island,” the NWS said. “Radar indicated some weak rotation in the area. Dual Polarization data indicated a feature that looked similar to a tornado debris signature, but is thought more likely to be a radar artifact based on further analysis.”

While it cannot be ruled out that a brief tornado touched down, there is insufficient evidence to confirm this, therefore, the Silverton wind event has been classified as straight-line wind damage of around 60 to 70 mph.