Orange detectives chase armed suspect during quality of life call

ORANGE, NJ – Police officers in Orange, New Jersey engaged a suspect during an incident while investigating quality of life issues in the community.

According to the police department, detectives of the Orange Street Crimes Gang and Narcotics Task Force were in the area of 528 Scotland Road addressing concerns of quality of life issues, motor vehicle infractions, and gang activity.

Detectives observed a black BMW with tinted windows idling. Shortly thereafter, Darius Adams was observed walking over to the BMW, opening the front passenger side door, briefly leaning in, and removing a concealed object from his waistband area.

Detectives decided to investigate further and approached the individuals in the BMW. The driver, Joseph Adams, noticed police presence and pulled off abruptly, Striking Detective Cappuccino in the forearm area with the driver’s side mirror. Detective Gueye was also struck in the arms and body area with the driver’s side door. Joseph Adams also struck the front passenger side fender of the police vehicle in his attempt to flee from police presence.

A vehicle pursuit ensued throughout the City of Orange and ended in a three-car accident involving the BMW in the City of East Orange. At this time, the vehicle was rendered inoperable. Darius Adams remained in the BMW passenger side with a loaded handgun and an extended magazine with live rounds capable of holding 30 9mm bullets.

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During the Foot pursuit, Ramadhan Muhammed was apprehended and found to be in possession of two loaded weapons, one of which had two extended magazines loaded with live rounds capable of holding 16 rounds each. Muhammed is also a “certain persons not to possess a weapon” due to prior convictions of various weapon-related charges. Subsequently, Joseph Adams and Ramadhan Muhammed bailed out and fled on foot.

During the incident, Joseph Adams managed to flee on foot in an unknown direction. A warrant was issued for his arrest.