This cat led rescuers to an 83-year-old woman who fell down a 70-foot deep ravine


Usually, it’s the first responders who would get the credit for a daring rescue of an elderly woman who fell down a ravine, but this time, it’s the one who led rescuers to her.

Officers from Bodmin, in the U.K. were tasked to conduct a search for a missing 83-year-old female. The female was located by a member of the public who had spotted the woman’s cat, meowing in the corner of a large cornfield near her home.

The elderly female had fallen approximately 70 feet down a very steep embankment, with incredibly difficult access and uneven terrain.

Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service were in attendance, along with their specialist water rescue team, Cornwall Air Ambulance, and SWAST, and the female was hoisted back up to the field on a stretcher via line rescue.

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She was then taken to hospital via Air Ambulance in stable condition. It was her Piran the cat who saved the day.