A New Jersey judge just released a suspected convict who shot and killed mom in Jersey City last month


JERSEY CITY, NJ – The complete and utter failure of the ‘woke’ New Jersey criminal justice system was on full display this week after a man who shot into a crowd, killing an innocent mother of four was set free by a judge on pretrial release.

On July 27th, Mark Stewart, 26, fired his gun into a crowd of people, killing 30-year-old Felicia Stewart. He was released by the courts this week to be released with level three monitoring.

Superior Court Judge Paul DePascale revealed that Stewart had been arrested 15 times prior and has a previous felony conviction. All of that, plus his new murder charge was not enough to keep him locked up until his trial for the death of Stewart.

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Mark Stewart and Felicia Stewart have no known relation.

Stewart fired his gun, claiming he was firing at a passing vehicle and not the woman he shot and killed, who was attending a candlelight vigil for another victim shot dead in Jersey City days earlier.