Akita Dumped in the trash Rescued and now is now the Fluffiest dog


When Teddy was rescued, he was found in the trash. He looked very sickly and had hardly any hair. He didn’t even look like a dog. His eyes were oozing, and his hair was matted. He was starving. Even with all, that he had been through Teddy was so happy to be rescued and was sweet and mild-tempered.

The rescuer took him to the Animal Hospital where he was treated for all of his issues. He needed a special shampoo for his coat. His eye was cleaned up.

After a few months, he was strong enough to get around, and his hair started growing back.

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Now that he is with his foster, Teddy is shining! He goes to the beach and runs around and plays all day. His future adopter will be so lucky to have him.

Watch this sweet story below.