Biden relying on Taliban for safe passage to Kabul Aiport for trapped Americans


The United States is unsure exactly how many Americans remain trapped behind enemy lines in Kabul, trying to make their way to the airport for their safe evacuation, but President Joe Biden today announced his plan to get them out.

If they can reach the airport, we’ll evacuate them.

Today, President Biden said that, unlike British special forces who left the confines of Kabul Aiport to rescue stranded citizens, American forces won’t be mounting any rescue operations. Instead, the United States is relying on the Taliban, the terroristic regime that now holds control of the entire country for safe passage.

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Biden said the U.S. will not interfere with Taliban security operations outside of the airport but will aid Americans who can safely arrive at the airport once they pass Taliban checkpoints and fight their way through hordes of Afghan nationals massing outside the airport each day.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz said Biden’s plan to leave Americans to fend for themselves in Kabul was “insane”.

“President Biden has made a policy decision to strand Americans behind Taliban lines. This is insane,” Cruz said.

When asked why U.S. troops won’t go outside of the airport, Biden said, “The reason we have not gone way outside the airport in Kabul is that it’s likely to draw an awful lot of unintended consequences.’

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For now, Biden is putting his faith and the lives of possibly thousands of stranded Americans in the hands of the Taliban.

“We have an agreement that they will let past through the checkpoints that they, the Taliban control to let Americans through,” Biden said.

On his way out of the press conference, one reported shouted, “Why do you continue to trust the Taliban?”

Biden did not answer.