The number of Americans being beaten by Taliban is “insignificant” Biden spokesman says


Pentagon Spokesman John Kirby has admitted that some Americans are being harassed and even beaten by Taliban troops as they brave the journey from their homes to Kabul Aiport. The journey is dangerous for some and there have been multiple reports of Americans being beaten and harassed by Taliban forces.

That number, according to Kirby, is insignificant.

Just moments after President Joe Biden said there were no issues with Americans receiving safe passage to the airport, U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin contradicted the president.

Austin confirmed media reports that some Americans were being harassed and there were several physical altercations with Taliban forces and said those actions were ‘regretable’.

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Kirby employed damage control later in the day again saying that there were not enough incidents reported to worry about.

“We know of cases a small number that we know of, we don’t have perfect visibility, but we know of a small number of cases where some Americans…have been harassed and in some cases beaten,” Kirby said. “We don’t believe it is a very large number and as a matter of fact, the numbers would indicate and I’ve said this before that, uh, that most, by and large, most Americans who, uh, who have their credentials with them are being, uh, allowed through the Taliban checkpoints.”

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Kirby however did confirm that Americans were being beaten on their way to the airport, a trek they must make unaccompanied behind enemy lines, “I have to caveat it and I’ll do it again and I’ve done it every day we are aware of sporadic cases that where they aren’t being allowed where there is some harassment going on and yes some physical violence has occurred.”