Fort Walton Beach woman charged with kidnapping after snatching child from bus stop


FORT WALTON, FL – The Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office has charged a Fort Walton Beach area woman with kidnapping/false imprisonment of a child.

29-year old Alyssandra Eytzen, no known address, was spotted with the six-year-old Thursday in Pinecrest Mobile Home Park Thursday afternoon. The child’s father says he had left his daughter at her bus stop near Pinecrest Lane with other children around 8 a.m. Thursday morning just before he left for work.

He got a phone call from his brother a few hours later, who said a neighbor told him a woman, later identified as the defendant, took the victim from the bus stop. They learned the child was not at school and began a search.

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Eytzen told OCSO deputies she had had no place to go and was allowed to stay overnight at the victim’s house on August 18th. She left the next morning and decided to prevent the girl from going to school, which was done without the parent’s permission or knowledge.