Taliban leaders blame Joe Biden, America for chaos at Kabul Aiport


Once again, U.S. President Joe Biden is being blamed for creating a humanitarian and refugee crisis of epic proportions. When Biden took office in January, he invited all of Central America into his country with open arms. What happened next was one of America’s worst humanitarian crises in decades as hundreds of thousands of men, women and unaccompanied children rushed to the country’s southern border.

Now, Biden is being blamed for the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Kabul after his administration offered citizens in Kabul safe passage to America. What ensued was a mad rush to the Kabul Airport. Images of women throwing their babies over barbed wire-topped walls to people falling from the sky after clinging onto U.S. plane leaving Kabul, the Taliban say, is due to Joe Biden’s policy, or lack thereof on the ground in the city.

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The Associated Press has reported that the Taliban leadership is now blaming U.S. President Joe Biden and the Americans for the chaos and deaths at the Kabul Airport.

“All Afghanistan is secure, but the airport which is managed by the Americans has anarchy,” one leader said. “The U.S. should not defame itself, should not embarrass itself to the world and should not give this mentality to our people that (the Taliban) are a kind of enemy.”

“The Americans announced that we would take you to America with us and people gathered at Kabul airport,” Naeem said. reported by the AP. “If it was announced right now in any country in the world, would people not go?”

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