Cuomo calls for vaccination mandates, vaccination passes and police enforcement of COVID-19 non-compliance


Disgraced New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has officially resigned, but in his resignation speech, he called for vaccination mandates, vax passes for private business, and mask mandates.

Cuomo said that New York teachers must be forced to get COVID-19 vaccinations for their own safety and for the safety of the children they teach.

The outgoing governor touted his COVID-19 successes, despite New York leading the nation in virus infections throughout most of the pandemic.

“Here’s my advice, school opening is approaching. Teachers must be vaccinated for their protection and for our children’s protection,” Cuomo said. “Masks must be required in high-risk areas and private businesses must mandate proof of vaccination for large gatherings.”

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Cuomo called on New York’s elected leaders to enact a state law to enforce compliance. He also said that he does not trust business owners to enforce the law if enacted and called upon the police to make arrests and charge people with violating his proposed COVID-19 laws.

“This simply will not happen without a state law mandating that will happen,” the former Governor said. “Local politics are too intense. Private businesses cannot and will not enforce the law. Local police must be mandated to do that. But we must take these actions.”

“Political procrastination is COVID collaboration,” Cuomo said. “We know the choice is between the politically contentious or the medically infectious. You decide which is worse.”

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