Rescuers dig up entire road to save dog stuck in storm drain

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Police and rescue workers were joined by the entire community after a report of a dog stuck in a storm drain led to a massive response to save her.

Crews are seen using concrete saws and jackhammers to remove the road surface in order to reach the dog.

When they found out Zoey was trapped nearly 400 feet from the nearest access point, they mobilized and dug up the entire street to get to her.

“This weekend, AFD crews were dispatched to the 4900 block of Kelly Elliott Rd after a report of a dog stuck in a storm drain. 15-year-old Zoey had been missing for a few days. AFD’s Technical Rescue Team was sent to evaluate the most appropriate way to remove the dog,” the Arlington Fire Department said.

City workers frantically cut through the road to reach the dog trapped in the storm pipe.

.Zoey was over 400′ from the nearest entrance into the storm drain. Crews had to remove concrete and access the pipe. Zoey was removed at 10:42PM and taken to an Animal Medical Center.

Finally, they reached the area where Zoey was stuck after digging through more than four feet of road and dirt.
Rescuers shown here next to the pipe with a hole cut in the drain pipe.

“We appreciate the collaborative effort from all who were involved in Zoey’s rescue. Special thanks to American Medical Response, Arlington Police Department, City of Arlington, TX – City Hall Public Works, City of Arlington, TX – Animal Services,” AFD posted on Facebook.

Zoey was rescued and was returned safely to her owner.