Andy Kim supported Biden’s botched Afghan withdrawal, now says President’s exit plan is flawed


TOMS RIVER, NJ – U.S. Congressman Andy Kim who initially supported President Joe Biden’s botched Afghanistan withdrawal mission is now putting distance between himself and the embattled administration. Kim who served as an aide to the Obama Administration during the height of the war against the Taliban and Al Qaeda said the President’s plan to withdraw all forces by August 31st is flawed.

Other experts say Biden’s full withdrawal at the end of the month will strand both American citizens and sympathetic allies who cannot flee the Taliban in time for the deadline.

The mission is not something we can accomplish by the end of this month.

Congressman ANDY KIM, NJ

“This effort is one that has certainly led me to believe that that the mission is not something that we can accomplish by the end of this month,” Kim said. “I strongly urgently urge the President to reconsider his continued aim towards August 31st. To be able to get our mission done. We will not be able to get our mission done by that time based off of what I’ve seen and based on what we’ve experienced so far.”

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