Multiple Convicted Felon Sentenced as a Felon in Possession of Firearm


Acting United States Attorney Jan Sharp announced that Carlos D. Montejano, 37, of Omaha, Nebraska, was sentenced today in federal court in Omaha for being a felon in possession of a firearm.  Montejano has multiple prior felony convictions. Chief United States District Court Judge Robert F. Rossiter, Jr. sentenced Montejano to 90 months in the Bureau of Prisons. Montejano will serve a three-year term of supervised release following his release from the Bureau of Prisons.  There is no parole in the federal system.      

On October 17, 2019, Omaha Police Department officers on routine patrol saw a silver Chevrolet sedan with no license plates or temporary stickers at the intersection of South 29th Avenue and W Streets in Omaha. They pulled behind the vehicle in an attempt to stop it when its front seat passenger, later identified Montejano, bailed out of the vehicle wearing a backpack and ran northbound. An officer gave chase, yelling loud verbal commands, identifying himself as a police officer, and directing Montejano to stop. Montejano did not comply and after approximately one block of foot pursuit, he was taken into custody. During the pursuit, Montejano threw his backpack along with other property.

Law enforcement recovered various property that Montejano had abandoned during the foot pursuit in the backpack: a loaded Ruger LCP .380 handgun with five rounds in the magazine, a second loaded extended 10 round magazine, and a plastic baggie containing methamphetamine.  Montejano was previously convicted for making terroristic threats and use of a deadly weapon to commit a felony in 2003, possessing a controlled substance in 2018, and criminal impersonation in 2019.

This case was primarily investigation by the Omaha Police Department and was part of Project Safe Neighborhoods (PSN), a program bringing together all levels of law enforcement and the communities they serve to reduce violent crime and make our neighborhoods safer for everyone. The Department of Justice reinvigorated PSN in 2017 as part of the Department’s renewed focus on targeting violent criminals, directing all U.S. Attorney’s Offices to work in partnership with federal, state, local, and tribal law enforcement and the local community to develop effective, locally based strategies to reduce violent crime. 


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