Woman banned from zoo over her unhealthy relationship with a chimpanzee

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A woman has been banned from a zoo in Antwerp, Belgium over her relationship with Chita, a chimpanzee housed there.

“Adie Timmermans, an animal lover and subscriber of the Antwerp Zoo from Deurne, has received a remarkable letter from the zoo. She is asked not to make contact with chimpanzee Chita when she comes to visit,” ATV in Belgium reported. “Adie goes to the Zoo every week and Chita always cheerfully walks over, after which the two play together at the window for a while, but according to the Zoo that is not good for the monkey’s well-being. The rest of the chimpanzees exclude him every time he has had contact with humans. Adie is at the heart of it. “

Visit ATV to watch the full story.

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