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Biden Administration allowed Taliban to free “thousands” of ISIS prisoners after withdrawal

Pentagon Spokesperson John Kirby acknowledged that thousands of ISIS prisoners were freed from two prisons in Afghanistan immediately after the U.S. withdrawal there. Kirby said “thousands” of ISIS members were released by the Taliban. That same Taliban the Pentagon is now relying on to evacuate the remaining Americans in-country. That same Taliban that President Joe Biden is relying on to provide security for American troops and citizens in and around the Kabul Airport. Dare we say, the same Taliban who allowed two suicide bombers to attack and kill U.S. Marines and Sailors and countless Afghanistan citizens.

When asked why ISIS prisoners in Afghanistan weren’t removed or relocated prior to the U.S. retreat from Bagram Air Base, Kirby had no response.

“I don’t know the exact number. Clearly it’s in the thousands,” Kirby said. “Both prisons were taken over the Taliban and empty, but I couldn’t give you a precise figure.”

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