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Marines in Kabul dead because of the incompetence of Joe Biden, Marine veteran, Congressman says

A 7-year veteran Marine Corps counter-intelligence officer, Congressman Mike Gallagher blamed President Joe Biden for the deaths of at least 13 U.S. service members in the terror attacks at the Kabul Airport. Gallagher spoke on Fox News Primetime with Jessie Waters last night.

The Wisconsin Republican Congressman said his peers in the Democrat party in Congress have been silent on the bombings for the past 24 hours.

“We had an opportunity to do something about this earlier this week…I’m not saying it would have avoided what will be one of the most dark and shameful days in American history, certainly in Marine Corps history,” he said. “11 Marines and 1 sailor are dead. They didn’t need to die. They’re dead because of the incompetence of this withdrawal and the shameful manner in which we have surrendered to the Taliban.”

Gallagher sponsored a bill earlier in the week that would have prevented President Biden from withdrawing troops until the last American citizen who wanted to leave Afghanistan had left the country.

“If this was the plan, then it was one of the dumbest plans in the history of our country,” Gallagher said earlier this week on Biden’s botched withdrawal.

He said Democrats were critical of Biden’s deadline but did not want to vote because they feared it could jeopardize their infrastructure spending bill. Gallagher also predicted future hostage situations will arise in Afghanistan.

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