Phil Murphy continues his personal war with Florida after Congressman calls him “Ugly Dumb Killer”


TRENTON, NJ – There’s a new war brewing in the Middle East. On Thursday, twelve U.S. Marines and one Navy Corpsman were killed in a terrorist bombing coordinated by ISIS at the Kabul Airport.

In New Jersey, there’s also a war brewing between New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy and the state of Florida. In particular, Murphy has engaged in a war of words with Florida Governor Ron De Santis and Congressman Matt Gaetz.

During Murphy’s extended pandemic lockdown, he called Gaetz, who is allegedly under investigation for his role in a child sex trafficking case, a putz, for violating the state’s indoor mask mandate.

Later, Murphy criticized Governor Ron De Santis over the Florida governor’s parent choice executive order that puts the choice of children wearing of face masks in public schools up to the parents. In New Jersey, Murphy has indicated that he will prosecute, even jail parents and teachers who violate his latest mask mandate.

In the video, Gaetz attacks Murphy’s own dismal COVID-19 response, which has New Jersey being the per capita COVID-19 death leader in the country, despite a yearlong lockdown, social distancing, mask mandates and criminal actions against those who dared to violate the Murphy executive orders in 2020.

“Being a handsome putz beats being an ugly dumb killer,” Gaetz says of Murphy, mocking the governor’s crooked teeth.

“Dear Matt Putz, it seems like you have more important things to be worried about right now than me,” Murphy said, linking to a March 2020 story in the USA Today regarding Gaetz’s alleged sexual encounter with a child. To date, Gaetz has not been charged with any crimes by any law enforcement agencies.

Constituent reaction to the Murphy feud with Florida was mixed, many feeling the Governor should have either stayed out of a personal pissing match just hours after a terror attack in Afghanistan.

“Responding to this shows everyone that you dont have the ability to lead. Name calling, (knuckleheads or putz) is not an attribute of leadership. You have an issue with someone do it in person face to face. The lack of class this shows is embarrassing,” said Bobby Ray Harris.

“Governor Phil Murphy you have more important things to do then calling a US Congressman a “Putz”. Stop the name calling and stop calling people “knuckleheads” that disagree with your strong arm policies. Can’t wait for November,” responded Jody Ann.

“Don’t forget about the deaths from criminals who were in jail and you let out. What are we up to now 5 innocent victims to preventable murders because their assailants were released early? Why lock down prisoners in a place where they should be locked down when we can let them roam free,” said Rich Repas.

Repas was referring to the five murders committed by three inmates released from prison early by Murphy in order to reduce COVID-19 in the state prison system.