FACT CHECK: Did Joe Biden check the time as caskets of dead Marines passed by?


DOVER, DE – President Joe Biden is once again under fire by the right. This time, he is being accused of checking the time on his watch as the caskets of dead U.S. troops passed by for review. Biden quickly gazed down at his watch, right-wing pundits are claiming, but did he?

A video of the incident captured by Fox News shows the President appears to be ending his salute for the troops and stretching his arm to reveal his watch to check the time.

As to whether or not he is checking the time during the ceremony in the video, it all depends upon what the definition “is” is.

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Fact Check: Did Joe Biden check his watch? It appears that he did, however, it can not be proven that he actually was able to read his watch in the short exchange to get an accurate reading of the time. Our determination is that he likely did attempt to check the time on his watch.

The action showed a level of callousness to the deceased servicemembers and continued disinterest by the President over the deaths of those service members. If nothing else, it displays the President’s complete inability to maintain Presidential bearing during very serious ceremonies.

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The United Spot mocked the President over his action.