Americans left behind: Former WH Chief says Biden broke a promise to America while keeping a promise to the Taliban


Former U.S. White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows today criticized President Joe Biden after failing to keep his promise to not leave behind any Americans but succeeding in keeping his promise to the Taliban.

This was Joe Biden just a few weeks ago:

“We now have a President who kept his promise to the Taliban on Afghanistan evacuation but broke his promise to American citizens on the same. National disgrace,” the former White House Chief of Staff under President Trump said today. “The Pentagon just admitted the Biden administration left (at least) hundreds of Americans in Afghanistan—not to mention allies. We still have people there. This is not a victory. It’s a national disgrace and failure of leadership.”

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The Biden administration said it has done all it can do for Americans in Afghanistan.

General Kenneth McKenzie, commander of US Central Command, confirmed Americans have been left behind, but did not say how many did not make it to the airport before U.S. forces left.

“Joe Biden left Americans behind. Don’t let anyone spin it otherwise.” Meadows added.

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